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Joey, Lillian, Cory & Kara

Hi There, 

My name is Kara and together with my partner Cory we run The Mermaid! We run all over the island in our little turquoise truck serving delicious food to happy people. From backyard weddings and big family parties to big events, we will come and feed you your favourite foods!

Recently we have expanded into a small restaurant space as well, The Mermaid Kitchen, in downtown Sydney. Here is where you will find breakfast, lunch, and all day brunch on saturdays! Chefs Joey & Lillian are cooking up a storm in the kitchen and Eli is behind the front counter ready for a chat, so come on by for something to eat and say hello!

 The newest member of The Mermaid Crew! Meet Eli, who will be taking care of your hungriness needs at the front counter of the Mermaid Kitchen!

The newest member of The Mermaid Crew! Meet Eli, who will be taking care of your hungriness needs at the front counter of the Mermaid Kitchen!

We are so happy to be settled down for good in a little house in Gabarus with our dog Sweetpea, and to be running our own business here is the cherry on top. I have been working as a pastry chef for the last 10 years and Cory is originally from Cape Breton and his greatest passion in life is cooking breakfast for people. Together we have lived and worked in Toronto, New Zealand and at the Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland. It's nice to be home.

We are very excited to share our food with you and look forward to filling up happy bellies all over the island. Come on out and let us feed you! 


The Mermaid Crew

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Summer SEASON Locations & HOURS



(beside Doktor Luke's Coffee Shop)

Weds: 8am - 2pm

Thurs: 8am - 2pm

Fri: 8am - 2pm

Saturday Brunch

10am - 3pm



Check out our Upcoming Events page for food trucks dates :)


Contact info

Cory: (902)578-6659

Kara: (902)578-8566


Facebook: @mermaidfoodcb

Twitter: @mermaidfoodcb

Instagram: @mermaidfoodcb


Where is the Mermaid food truck?

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to get daily updates on where we will be and what we will be serving! We will be all over the island for festivals, weddings and events near you. 

Sundays we can be found from 2pm - 6pm at the Sea Wall in Gabarus (in the village at the end of the road!) Come out and bring the family, there's a playground, beaches and the Gull Cove hiking trail!

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Let us feed you!


Request a Quote

The Mermaid is able to travel to locations all over the CBRM to cook for you! Kara is a trained pastry chef and Cory is a line cook, together with a combined 15 years of experience. Whatever your event, we can design a menu to suit. The best part is, we handle the clean up! :) 

Please drop us a line or call 902-578-6659 with the where/when/number of guests and we will get back to you within 2-4 business days.

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